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A long announced homage to ACHIM MENTZEL, who unfortunately died to early on 04.01.2016.


last copies of this box!! be quick


For this purpose, a limited THEE FLANDERS collection box was created. In less than 1,5 years of production time, from design to compilation, we created with a lot of manual work and diligence a unique and venerable collector’s edition.

A black box crafted of sturdy and high-quality cardboard infolds this precious content.

The lid comes with a hand-sprayed THEE FLANDERS logo in silver. Overall, the box weighs about 1.7 kg.

Strictly limited to 66 hand-numbered copies.

In detail, the elaborately designed production contains the following:

1) THEE FLANDERS "Enjoy the Silence" Picture Disc 10" Vinyl

2) THEE FLANDERS "Enjoy the Silence" 1-Track Promo MCD

3) THEE FLANDERS "Enjoy the Silence" 2-Track DVD

4) THEE FLANDERS "Enjoy the Silence" Hardpaper photo book – 52 pages

5) ACHIM MENTZEL "Enjoy the Silence" Booblehead Figure

6) ACHIM MENTZEL "Enjoy the Silence" deckchair piece

7) THEE FLANDERS "Enjoy the Silence" press review

8) THEE FLANDERS "Flanders cucumber seed" 

9) THEE FLANDERS "Member of the Church of Cucumber" membership card

10) THEE FLANDERS "Enjoy the Silence" certificate + autograph card 

11) THEE FLANDERS "Year 2020" annual calendar for 2020

12) THEE FLANDERS "since 1997" tote bag

13) THEE FLANDERS "wonderbag"

Happy Collecting! © by HALB-7-RECORDS 

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