ELLI RIEHL "Die Kornmuhme" ://: MJÖÐR YLGJAR "World of Stone" MARKUS WOLFF "POSTER" (lim. 300)

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Limited, hand-numbered "Poster" of the album cover. Masterly illustrated by Markus Wolff specially for this release.

The final dimension is 50cm x 30cm x 2cm, 300g paper weight - 300 copies were made in this edition.
Cover is a black and white drawing constructed as a triptych, a square main part with 2 narrower wings.

In the middle part ... organic-psychedelic lines connect the eternal elements with heaven, earth and abyss. In between, hunters and hunted storming ... 
a wild rush of animals, mythical creatures and supernatural figures roars and whistles through the picture.
Branches, plants and psychoactive mushrooms are entwined between demonic masks and devilish faces. 
As if you could watch them grow, the 3 parts of the illustration are meandering.

Left : a confused hallucinogenic ELLI RIEHL fantasy. Creatures in the spiral mist, that appears so often after tea-time, mushrooms or high percentage.
Right : MJÖÐR YLGJAR - the horned creature, half wolf - half warrior, armed with spear and grim armament.


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