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PSYCHO PSYCHO P S Y C H O M A N I A ... the battle cry sounded at the first concert of the English cult band Skitzo. 
The Potsdam psycho hordes were out of control. At least since then, the name program and should be a decent and honest Psychobilly a term. For more than 14 years the festival has been running at Whitsun and attracts numerous psychobillys and bellas from near and far to the Mark Brandenburg.

Now there is finally a current festival logo which (again) was designed by Norman Winter.
The striking lettering, in the 50s horror comics style, looks absolutely accurate with the eye-catching color scheme and is easy to memorize.

The logo is a statement for all fans of the event as well as an ideal and best souvenir for those who feel they belong.

Simple T-shirt, sufficient weight - no flapping scraps. 
Fits perfectly.Stylish print, here with eye-catching "green on black" directly on the front and on the chest. Minimal at best ... © by HATE YOU

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