GIRLIE "SPARROW vs B E H I N D s.r.b."

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Great motive in ''black-white-dark green'' on an olive green shirt, which shows a winded-up bird. At the back under the collar you can see the logo of B E H I N D s.r.b. in dull black.

B E H I N D s.r.b. stands for special, outstanding and bizarre art apart from the mainstream and conventional. During the last few years there were many concerts, events and recording productions, which document the innovative styles. Meanwhile B E H I N D s.r.b was replaced by ONLY the SUN KNOWS (OtSK). The first produced shirts are limited to 30 pieces. Further editions are printed with the logo of OTSK. It's a sturdy, top-quality shirt which fits perfect...exclusive and only available in our shop. © by HATE YOU.

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