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 THEE FLANDERS present the first "real" single named "Erna P." and start her famous "Graverobbing" series. A fantastic collection of great cover hits and evergreens of different decades and styles. "...On their wild trips through the underworld the five boys forced entry to the lost archives of mighty music-bosses to steal the most valued pieces. Merciless, they took the crown-jewels of lost music-decades to mix a high-percentage-hellish-cocktail by their own. No question, they marauder and rip, greedy they destruct all, what a well-behaved music-lover thought of being safe." it was once written in info sheet. "Erna P." - the title-song, a 1984 b-side-song of DIE ÄRZTE on the rare single "Paul".  Also on CD are great songs: "Stray Cats Strut" of STRAY CATS, "Fleischzug" an classic psycho-song from MAD SIN,  smash-hit "Do You Want Me Baby" of FRANTIC FLINTSTONES. For Bonus and "Happy Endings" from ELVIS as ghost-track.  The expensive-made great video of "Erna P." is also on this CD. Comes as beautiful DigiPack with artwork of Norman Winter.  © by HALB-7-RECORDS More Infos via

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