THEE FLANDERS with Friends and Idols "Lockdown EP" BLACK VINYL (lim. 300)

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THEE FLANDERS with Friends and Idols "Lockdown EP" VINYL EDITION is now officially available!!!

First-class and unique sound document on the occasion of the 25th ANNIVERSARY OF THEE FLANDERS and 30-year HALB-7-RECORDS label anniversary.


HALB-7-RECORDS proudly presents:


>> "BLACK" VINYL EDITION (lim. 300) with gatefold cover, giant poster, PVC sleeve


Several stars, starlets and luminaries of the international psychobilly scene as well as other top-class guests come together and meet THEE FLANDERS on this joyful occasion.

The guest list reads like a "Who-is-Who" of the great and famous of the Psychobilly scene:

  • Jeroen Haamers (BATMOBILE) NL
  • KöfteDeville (MAD SIN) GER
  • Humungus (COFFIN NAILS) UK
  • Peter "Nekropete" Sandorff (HOLA GHOST, Ex-NEKROMANTIX) DK
  • Alan Wilson (The SHARKS) UK
  • Rod Usher (The OTHER) GER
  • Dead “Richy” Gein (BZFOS) AT
  • Pete Gorilla (GORILLA) HUN
  • Daniel DeLeon (REZUREX) USA
  • Mikki (NINE 2 FIVE) GER
  • Terry Drybones (MAGNETIX) RUS
  • GaybeulGualdi (DEMENTED are GO!) FR
  • Stefan Grawe (SPEED SWING) GER
  • Kevin Flanders (GERMAN EX) GER
  • …and the One and Only Stefan "FLANDERS" Schmidt GER

But there is more. On top of it the real superstars and old stars present themselves:

  • Bürger Lars Dietrich GER
  • Dieter "Quaster" Hertrampf (PUHDYS) GER

With the latter, the band has succeeded in a coup. As part of the campaign "Rettet die Clubs" the opportunity arose to re-record the old GDR-cult-hit “Lebenszeit”  with the genuine PUHDYS guitarist and singer Dieter “Quaster” Hertampf.


Directed by Norman Flanders, in collaboration with HALB-7-RECORDS, the production was created during the Corona Lockdown 2020-2021.

Finally, HALB-7-RECORDS are very proud to be able to release this unique production as part of our 30th 

THEE FLANDERS with Friends and Idols...a real handmade and subcultural project.


VINYL RELEASE: 12/09/22 - SHIPPING FROM 12/12/22


  • "BLACK" VINYL EDITION with exclusive processing and accurate graphics, 4-fbg
  • gatefold cover
  • giant poster
  • PVC sleeve
  • label print, 4c
  • limited to 300 pieces
  • exclusive distribution via
  • Charity campaign: Profits are donated to Animals Care e.V


Release Info:

THEE FLANDERS are back... and sooner than expected. No, we are not here at Band-Aid 22, the meeting of the Super Pop Zomboids.

Here there are:

  • First-class and unique sound document 
  • recorded during the Corona Lockdown 2020-2021.
  • featuring over 20 international artists of the international PSYCHOBILLY scene
  • further top-class guests
  • 12 crisp smashers and real hits
  • Surprise Ghostrack
  • Psychobilly Allstars Song "the Days of Pearly Spencer".
  • Duet with PUHDYS member "Quaster"  on the GDR cult hit "Lebenszeit"
  • Coverart as a real eye-catcher from the hand of Norman FLANDERS


Musically, there is the typical and distinctive THEE FLANDERS sound. Including intro and outro, the Potsdamneds present a total of 13 songs.

On the opening track of the record "The Days of Pearly Spencer" all Psychobilly Allstars sing together. 

Furthermore, the record shows a selection of well-chosen cover songs and previously published Flanders-Songs - all freshly recorded and remixed. And the record holds many surprises such as the Intro or the ghostrack.

 The vinyl version comes in a beautifully designed gatefold sleeve. Matching the title, there is a remarkable and apt layout.

Thanks to the giant poster that comes with every vinyl, you can bring the horror fun into your children's room.

A real eye-catcher from Norman FLANDERS.


Finally the best:

Profits from this edition of 300 will be donated to Animals Care e.V. Therefore, this vinyl version will only be available exclusively via


The story so far:

Norman Flanders: "When a second lockdown was announced at the end of 2020, we wanted to be more creative and productive than during the first lockdown. So in November 2020 the drums were recorded for 3 songs. The rest of us were able to play our necessary tracks at home. 

Since our current record "Neverending Story" was just in the pressing plant, we actually wanted to record a 4-track benefit EP only. But as the lockdown dragged on for more than half a year, there was enough time for more creative ideas and new opportunities opened up.

On the one hand we unexpectedly got support from the temporary 5th band member, the one and only Stefan Flanders. Currently Stefan accompanies us with his excellent guitar work and we were able to improve musically. It was probably also due to Stefan's creative input that now a whole album instead of just an EP was made.
On the other hand, since the whole world was more or less stuck at home, we came up with the idea of bringing various guest musicians on board. So we started looking for some fellows and over time there were about 20 comrades-in-arms.
Many of these musicians were one reason why we started making music in the first place 25 years ago. They were role models and inspiration for us. 

From Russia, Australia, America, England, Holland, Hungary -  all over the world - friends have supported us in this project. In the end, a varied album was created, which is a great birthday present for our band's 25th anniversary."


The cover version is staged brilliantly... Quaster in duet with Norman, plus sophisticated guitars, arrangements and even a specially recorded trumpet. 

The affectionate recording makes this song probably the highlight and secret hit of this record.


Die VINYL Trackliste:

Seite A
01 P0S45  
02 the Days of Pearly Spencer (feat the Psychobilly Allstars)
03 Killer in my Dreams  
04 Angel (Floodland Remix)
05 Junk II
06 Lebenszeit

Seite B
01 Schlaatz
02 Hymn
03 Dance with me  
04 Eat what you Get (Junk III)
05 the Days of Pearly Spencer (Original Cut)
06 Ode To Love (Outro) 
Ghostrack: Psycho, Psycho


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Delivery weight: 249 g
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Delivery weight: 500 g
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