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Exclusive patch in excellent manufacturing in circle shape. Fine and neatly woven patch in 5 colours and in a limited edition. 
Beautiful, new and special highlight in the PSYCHOMANIA merchandise collection.

  • first and limited edition
  • fine and neatly woven patch
  • with transfer film on the back, ideal for ironing
  • circle shape
  • about 10 cm in diameter
  • background color "black"
  • "FRANKENSTEIN", outline and lettering "Moos-Green"
  • Details "white" and "red"

The grim-looking "FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER" with a styled flat is in the foreground.
on each side red flashes, in the background 2 snap knives with sharp blades.

The background color is "black". In contrast, the "FRANKENSTEIN" motif and lettering are in subtle "moss green".
Hair and details of the graphic are highlighted with "white" and "red".

The outer edge is woven extra strong and comes in the same color as "moss green".

All in all a real eye-catcher, which gives the whole thing an extra dark and morbid style thanks to the selected color combination.
That's how you stand out.

Fits perfectly on the bomber, rivet, jeans or imitation leather jacket. To top it off, the part must of course also be sewn onto the cut-off fan vest
Thanks to the transfer film on the back, the patch can also be ironed on quickly and directly. 

Ideal size of about 10 cm in diameter.

© by HATE YOU 

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