TEMPTER OF THE SUN - "Midnight Tears in Springtime Flowers" CD + CARD

TEMPTER OF THE SUN - "Midnight Tears in Springtime Flowers" CD + CARD

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There is a new PSYCHEDELIC ROCK group from Dessau (Saxony-Anhalt) which wants taking us to a special musical trip with their their psychedelic-atmospheric songs.

They offer six self composed songs in a classic constellation of guitar, bass and drums. To that, you can hear the seductive voice of the singer Denise. In the background of the refrains, you can hear buzzing her male companions.

The songs are characterized by varied guitar play, soft bass, rhythmical percussion and drums. The tones are a combination of sensitive, melancholic melodies, mysterious areas and long meandering song structures. The essential basic mood is interrupted by good dosed background sounds occasionally. So you can hear fluent and silent glazes besides synthetic interference.
Parallel to the musical part, the special cover design with an avant-garde drawing, immediately catches the eye. An imaginative and sensual game of powerful colors, cryptic symbols and dynamic vibrations.

There will be 2 different CD editions:
This is the regular CD, which comes in a two-sided 4-color cover and with an extra insert card. 69 hand-numbered CDs are available.

A unique arc of suspense between progressive sound and stylistic, modern art. Both components form a congruent unit and completely round off the general view. 

A really strong and incredible demo debut. © by OTSK REC

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